The Readspeed Dynamometer (Otherwise known as a Dyno) allows customers to have their road/race scooter or motorcycle set up accurately for a fixed cost per hour plus parts.

This means any issues relating to engine running can be addressed by the dyno operator. Any issues identified can either be addressed there and then (this is usually the case) or at a later date.
Customers from all around the United Kingdom have used our facility and have found the answers to their problems
The Dyno is used as a specialist diagnostic tool. One of our many satisfied customer wrote
" Just a quick line to thank you for your efforts on Saturday, it was most appreciated.
Tom is very pleased with his Aerox saying it's better than the best it's ever been, and I can't wait to go  on a decent run on my Lammy, now it's a pleasure to drive.
You guys know your stuff and you've got a great attitude"

R Simcock "Golden Torch Scooter Club"

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