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For Lambretta 125-200ccm

with DUNLOP scootsmart tyre assembled 

2.10 Ø 10"/aluminium/matt black/valve pre-mounted/KBA 50164

Technical details

Aluminium rim, painted, 10 x 2.10 inch, tubeless

cap nuts, spanner size SW12 and NORD-Lock washers

long valve (the short ones cause problems at some old English petrol stations)

incl. four longer stud bolts

with ABE (except chrome version) and fitting instructions

2.10-10 is the ideal rim size for standard tyres. All tyres from 3.00 to 3.50-10 fit on this rim. In the current version, the valve is screwed directly into the rim for even better serviceability. In order to be able to guarantee optimal mounting, the stud bolts of the brake drums must be exchanged. Longer stud bolts are supplied.

Chrome rims with TÜV approval? They have not been available so far. One inspector is only interested in the correct rim size, the other fears structural changes or the risk of corrosion in case of cracks. In order to shed light on this "grey area", we have subjected SIP tubeless rims in chrome design to further strength, material and corrosion tests and have also achieved General Type Approval (ABE) for these.

assembled and fitted with a Dunlop Scootsmart 350-10 P Rated.
Dunlop Scootsmarts, in our opinion, a far superior tyre than the Michelin S1 with better road handling, a stronger carcass and fantastic grip in all conditions.
Secondly, being speed rated as a "P" the tyre is capable over 90mph!
Comes Complete with 4 x studs 4 x Washers 4 x Nuts and Instructions

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