Lambretta Red Devil Six Plate Clutch Kit.

Lambretta Red Devil Six Plate Clutch Kit.

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Unique Readspeed Design!
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 Our Red Devil Lambretta 'Six Plate Clutch' Kit is unique to Readspeed. Our 6 plate clutch kit comes now with a one piece harded billet spider and our our own Red Race Frictions Clutch Plates, and our new  lightened crown wheel is also harded for increased longevity and performance.   Unlike other designs it doesn't  have a packing plate and fits within the original casings requiring NO modifications to chaincase etc. and also NO modifications to exhaust fittings. This means, from the external, you retain the original look of the engine and all fittings,

The advantage of a six plate clutch over a conventional four plate clutch or five plate clutch is that there is a greater total surface area on the plates, this dramatically reduces clutch wear and reduces 'clutch slip'  This is much better for more powerful engines or taller geared applications.

The kit comprises of a lightened crownwheel, machined one piece billet centre spider, set of springs, bush, 6 friction plates, 5 steels, 1 top plate, pressure plate (bell), clutch circlip.

This is designed to run with GP type chaincase cover incorporating the phosphour-bronze thrust bush, however, if you have a Li/SX type chaincase cover and require a Li/SX pressure plate please contact us by telephone or email.

Please select sprocket size 46 or 47, this is designed for GP type chaincase cover.