Readspeed Lukas Lambretta CDI



Readspeed are proud to announce the of their new Lambretta CDI

The “Lukas” is a totally new type of Lambretta CDI unit, that bypasses historic problems with Lambretta Stator Plates, and there on going failure of poorly made Low Tension Coils.

I’m sure many Scooterist’s have experienced a Stator Failure at some point, the “Lukas” simply gets rid of this weak point, providing extra peace of mind.

By connecting the “Lukas” and following the instructions, you will see the following improvements

Superb Permanent Replacement For Reliability
 No More Low Tension Coil Failures
 Improved Starting & Low RPM Response
Fraction Of Cost Compared To New Ignition System
 Compatible with, BGM, Indian, and all 12 volt Systems with Pick Up
 Re-Use Of Failed Stators Where Low Tension Coil Has Failed

For Race Performance Use


Now Available