Readspeed “zeus” Vespa Px125/150 Cdi



Designed For VESPA PX125/150 produced in 2011, please note will not work with old type Ducati Ignition.

The latest production of Vespa PX125/150 scooters now come supplied with a CDI with a waterproof multi plug, and although functional, these CDI units now have a rev limiter at approximately 7000RPM.
This rev limiter will introduce problems if you wish to fit a bigger cylinder kit or exhaust system. This will make any performance modifications pointless as most cylinder kits and exhaust systems will require a higher RPM than 7000 to reach full potential.
The new Readspeed "Zeus" CDI has been designed for this late ignition system and removes the Rev Limiter allowing you to further tune the vehicle from standard format to higher performance.
Priced at £79.99p the Readspeed "Zeus"  CDI is a cost effective solution to this problem.

For Race Performance Use
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