Readspeed Lambretta Rear Adjustable Shock Absorber

Readspeed Lambretta Rear Adjustable Shock Absorber

"Enhance your Lambretta with our rear premium shock absorber. Custom comfort, unmatched performance, and durable build for the perfect ride."
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- Unmatched Performance
Unleash the full potential of your ride with the Lambretta Rear Adjustable Shock Absorber. Engineered with precision, this premium suspension system offers unparalleled performance. The advanced rubber mounted bushings ensure seamless operation, while the progressive spring guarantees smooth and controlled movements. Experience the ultimate in suspension technology, providing optimal shock absorption, whether you're cruising down urban streets or tackling challenging terrains.

- Customized Comfort
Tailor your ride to perfection with the Lambretta Rear Adjustable Shock Absorber. Offering independent knurl for rebound and compression damping, this top-of-the-line solution allows you to fine-tune your suspension from a plush, soft ride to a firmer, more responsive one. Adjust the spring preload to match your preferences, providing a personalized and comfortable journey every time. Say goodbye to rough rides and hello to a customized, smooth experience.

- Durability & Versatility
Crafted with precision engineering, the Lambretta Rear Adjustable Shock Absorber is built to last. Its CNC machined body, anodized for extra durability, ensures resilience against the elements. With a maximum extended length of 310mm, this shock absorber is a versatile fit for Series 1, 2, or 3 Lambrettas. Elevate your riding experience and invest in a suspension solution that promises longevity, adaptability, and unparalleled performance

  • Rubber mounted bushings
  • Progressive spring
  • Knurl for rebound and compression damping showing soft -> hard
  • Adjustment for spring preload
  • CNC machined body, anodized
  • Extends to 310mm max

"Elevate Your Ride: Lambretta Rear Adjustable Shock Absorber"

"Personalized Comfort: Tailored Suspension for Your Lambretta"

"Superior Performance: Precision Engineered Lambretta Shock Absorber"

"Durable & Versatile: The Lambretta Rear Suspension Upgrade"

"Enhanced Riding Experience: Lambretta Adjustable Shock Absorber"

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