Readspeed Vespa PX Cosa Supergrip Clutch

Readspeed Vespa PX Cosa Supergrip Clutch

Readspeed Vespa PX Cosa Supergrip Clutch

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Our Readspeed  Vespa PX Cosa Supergrip  4 Plate clutch addresses a number of issues we have seen appearing with replacement sets of recent PX clutch kits.

This has been a big frustration, with overall friction depth sizes varying from each manufacturer, and overall deck height being to tall or short,also  the standard  of metal being used in the friction steels,this can leave you with possible clutch drag, or binding,all adding to frustrations.

We can now offer a solutions to these issues.

Our PX Cosa  Supergrip clutch resolves these issues, and actually improves upon the standard cosa friction.

The Friction material used in our PX plates is the same tried and tested material used in our Lambretta Supergrip frictions.

We have paid special attention to the overall thickness of the Friction,so deck height meets within specs. 

The  Supergrip Friction Material is mounted on a Harded Grade Steel, insuring reduced wear on the tags.

We can offer a number of versions of this set up

One which is just 4 frictions, and a second which comes with 4 frictions and additional 4 steels, and lastly the option of the correct gear oil.

Please Note recommend a Non Synthetic SAE30 gear oil for our plates