Readspeed Viton Lambretta Oil Seal Kit

Readspeed Viton Lambretta Oil Seal Kit

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Yet another first for Readspeed....We can now offer for the first time Lambretta Engine Oil Seals made in high grade Viton. Up until now Lambretta Seals have mainly been available in Neoprene or nitrile,which were fine years ago,but due to the aggresive fuel and chemicals that is used in modern fuels,we have been force to re-think a solution to this problem.....

Viton was the perfect choice for us due to it's excellent resistance to aggresive modern fuels, and its ability to withstand high temperatures (400 degrees farenheit)

Unlike other viton seals on the market our seals have a high viton content and will therefore will and a longer life span.Our Viton Seals also meet the worldwide ISO9000 and ISO/TS 16949 Standards.We pride ourselves on product rather than price,hence why we have researched extensively in this area.

You get Five Viton Seals in total which are the following sizes

              33-52-6      33-50-6     22-32-5      32-45-7    25-42-6

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