Readspeed "Zeus" Upgrade Vespa PX125/150 CDI 2011 Onwards

Readspeed "Zeus" Upgrade Vespa PX125/150 CDI 2011 Onwards

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Unleash Performance: Upgrade Your Vespa PX125/150 Scooter with Readspeed Zeus CDI
Rev Limiter Dilemma: Enhancing Vespa’s Performance
The latest Vespa PX125/150 (2011 onwards)scooters boast a waterproof multi-plug CDI, yet the built-in rev limiter at 7000RPM poses limitations. Upgrading to the Readspeed Zeus CDI eliminates this constraint, unlocking the full potential of your Vespa for high-performance modifications.

Optimized Tuning, Enhanced Freedom
Experience the freedom to optimize your Vespa's performance. The Readspeed Zeus CDI removes the rev limiter, allowing you to adapt and tune your vehicle from its standard format to a higher level, paving the way for extensive performance modifications.

Enhanced Vespa Experience
Upgrade your Vespa PX125/150 scooter to its maximum potential. The Readspeed Zeus CDI redefines your riding experience by removing limitations, allowing you to push the boundaries and explore the true capabilities of your Vespa for an enhanced, high-performance journey.

Priced at £89.99p the Readspeed "Zeus"  CDI is a cost effective solution to this problem.
Checkout The You Tube video of The" Zeus" In Action
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